Reports - Credit

A good credit score is one of the most important financial indicators that you as an individual can have at your disposal! By requesting one of your available free reports for credit and verifying your identity, you can instantly view your score, a service offered by several companies!

Through an online service for credit reports, you can determine many factors that may influence your future and your important upcoming financial decisions:

  • find out if you are a victim of identity theft! Do a credit check and see if there is any suspicious activity on any of your credit cards and related accounts on your credit report
  • if you are applying for any kind of a loan, be it for a new house, a new car, to start a business, etc, you will need to provide your credit score - download your free credit report online, quickly and easily
  • if you have any unpaid bills, you may want to check your credit to see if you need to take care of any other financial matters - they effect your credit as well

Many credit reporting companies offer information online about how to improve your credit and how to find out more about identity theft. Also remember that free credit reports are only available annually per individual. If you need to check more often, you can receive this information for a small fee.